High Achievers Society Club

Have you ever wondered what happens when a small group of top achievers meet each other on St-Barts island in the caribbean? This is on heavenly place like this where we held our High Achievers Society Club meetings.

The High Achievers Society is an exclusive club whose members have already reached the heights of excellence. If you own and operate a business with 10 million or more in annual sales, this is the club for you. In essence, the High Achievers Society is a group of friends who hang around together and travel all over the world. During these trips, members participate in high-level mastermind business sessions that aim to raise everyone’s level of performance in the future. This club was originally created in 2012 by the entrepreneur Dany Tremblay and some of his fellow successful business friends and is not intented to reach thousands of members. The club is more about friendship and sharing place where people love to talk about business and wealth in general. No particular dress code is required during official meetings sessions.

To join this club, you must apply through this website and it help to be referred by an existing club member. Your application will be reviewed by our board members, and if approved, you may become the next member of our elite group.

High achievers by definition are those who achieve big business goals on their day to day. They are entrepreneurs who do the work that is required and do it well. Those people tend to be well-organized with good time-management and obviously they build talented team arround them.

For more informations please contact Dany Tremblay directly via a regular form on this website by mentioning the name of the club and your e-mail adress where you can be reach at any time.