Real estate deals knocking at your door

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Real estate deals knocking at your door

Real estate deals knocking at your door

Discover the difference between Mickey Pals and Goodbye Charlie…

It was a beautiful sunny October morning three years back. I didn’t realize it at the time, but opportunity was rounding the corner and getting ready to knock on my door again.

I don’t usually get many phone calls at 8 in the morning, but this day was going to be a little different. I looked at my cellphone screen and saw the caller was Keola, my real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona. I was surprised, because I was not in the process of acquiring any property in the state at that moment.

I immediately answered the call, and after chatting for a couple of minutes, Keola said he was about to sell one of his personal investment houses in Phoenix for the bargain price of $55,000. Most of his sales pitch revolved around the fact that the house already had stable, long-term tenants: a family renting it for $750 per month.

I was skeptical at first. In Hawaii, where I live, you’d be lucky to find a doghouse in that price range! My response was short and to the point: please send me the listing and I will get back to you if I’m interested.

Ten minutes after our call, the listing landed in my inbox. I was about to move the file into the trash, but just then, a small inner voice told me to take a quick look-see. You may be surprised to learn that the house turned out to be very nice, and in perfect shape to boot. It was a single detached family home with 1100 square feet, 2 beds, 2 baths and a one-car garage, built in 2001.

There was a good opportunity there to make a decent profit, given the same property had been priced at $110,000 four years earlier. Strangely, however, I was not really in the mood to buy another investment house. The reason: I was deeply involved in and halfway through the writing process of my first book, The 50 Secrets of My Success, and my main goal was to finish the project with the least possible distraction.

My “Mickey Pals” group didn’t see it that way. You see, my Mickey Pals are the amount of money I dedicate exclusively to investment deals. I call them Mickey Pals because they are my best partners when it comes to increasing my personal wealth. I send them out on many projects, and I always tell them to bring more Mickey Pals back with them when they come home.

I deeply respect my Mickey Pals, and in return they respect and amply reward me. To them, writing a book – even if it were to become a future best seller – was not a good enough reason to miss out on a promising investment deal.

I don’t know why, but I always get a little nervous when I send my Mickey Pals out on any new investment. I never know exactly when they will return or how many of them will make it safely home. I feel that anxiety no matter how small or large the numbers involved; I think I will always experience that moment of fear just before deciding to move forward and take action.

Since I wanted a sense harmony with, and within my Mickey Pals group, I called Keola back that very afternoon and asked him to send me the purchase contract. The deal was closed two weeks later. It was simple, fast and easy. Every month since the purchase, I have received a check for $750 in new Mickey Pals in the mail. Keola and his team at Acquire Realty manage all my investment properties in Arizona. They are a great team of professionals and I know I can count on them.

Today, three years later, it’s time to celebrate. I have just sold the property for $105,000, meaning my Mickey Pals have returned home with an additional $50,000 new ones. I am proud of them; they did a thoroughly great job.

At his point you may wonder: what is my “Goodbye Charlie” group? The answer is simple. Let’s look at a common purchase, like shoes. You probably have no choice but to buy at least one pair of new shoes sometime during the year. As you may know, new clothes and shoes lose all of their value the second you walk out the front door of any store. That money is gone and will never come back. Now you know why I call it “Goodbye Charlie”.

My Mickey Pals group is what makes me rich in the first place, while my Goodbye Charlie group clearly does not. That’s why I like to focus on the former; and I think you should do likewise if you want to bring millions of Mickey Pals into your daily life. Take care of them, send them out on missions and new investment projects over time, and they will soon become your best Pals, too.

I must admit, this deal was relatively small compared to the ones I usually sign. I consider this type of deal to be like hitting a single in a baseball game. Singles are important, even if they are not as spectacular as home runs. Down the road, you can still win the game with a lot of singles like the one I hit with that house in Phoenix.

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