Experience a full day of coaching and mentoring

How would you like to experience a full day of coaching and mentoring – just you, 100% one-on-one with Dany Tremblay and his team in Honolulu? We would pick you up from the airport in our Tesla and spend the entire day building your business plan, creating the life you dream of living. Visit the Diamond Head volcano, hit the golf course, go deep-sea diving and catamaraning – they’re all on the menu for your incredible day. Just get here and get ready to live it up.

Reason to sign up for your one-on-one day under the sun in Hawaii:

– Individual session just for you for a complete day

– Total review of your life and goals analysis

– Intense planning of your 10 next years

– Total breakup of your blocks and limitations

– Follow trhu included after your special day

– Step by step personal guide showing you what to do next to exactly go where you want to go

– Complete business immersion experience with Dany Tremblay (15 years of experiences) and his team

– Unlimited business and money advices

– Guaranteed results and satisfaction or you get your money back

The best candidate for this special program is people who want to break free from the normal life and are ready to do what is required to reach new heights. There is absolutely no short cut in life when it comes to success, hard work, passion and consistancy are absolute mendatory qualities. So if you fit the hat it will be our pleasure to welcome you to the paradise island of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Quantities are extremely limited and vary according to schedule and availability. For more informations please fill the form below and Dany Tremblay will contact you directly within 24 hours or less. If you are travelling from outside Hawaii and need accomodation please let us know.

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