Win 100 000$ at the annual literary contest sponsored by Diamond Heads: free

Submit your own literary project for a chance to win an annual grand prize of $ 100,000. Any applicant may submit a literary work free of charge, which will not be use for any non-contest purposes. Applicant submissions must qualify in terms of genre categories, as some are excluded. Qualified genres are: success stories, biographies of a successful person, personal growth and self help books, books on the stock market, real estate, business, health trends, cooking and nutrition. Fiction is completely excluded. Only submissions in English will be accepted. Applicants must submit a word doc or pdf files online, exclusively through this website. Certain other conditions may apply governing the minimum number of bids received each year. The contest must receive at least 5 000 valid submissions. To be valid, the contest also need at least one major U.S publisher under contract and involve with us each year.  Every book submission should consist of a minimum of 48,000 words. Your work must be free of any contract and should in no way have been copied or reproduced in whole or in part elsewhere. Each winner will automatically be invited to the next Diamond Heads convention in Hawaii to receive the official $ 100,000 prize check. Participants have until October 31, 2015 to submit their literary works. Other conditions may apply.

– The most rewarding and amazing literary contest in the world

– The chance to see your book recognized on a large scale

– Your book reviewed by a professional team

– Nothing to loose and free of charge

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We encourage new and previously unpublished authors to participate. All qualified books submited will receive notification of acceptance within a fiew days. Please only submit one book one time per contest. Submitting multiple books will cause disqualification.

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